Wednesday, December 5

Mammary Miami News -

In Miami's latest bid to recreate pre-Castro Havana sleaze here on the Florida peninsula, it seems like anything connected to prostitution is irresistibly attractive, whether it's boob enhancement surgical procedures or soft porno production.

Thus, with a gambling casino on its way to replace their newspaper building, all residents will be able to become the celebrities they want to be and a legend in their own minds.

According to recent reports, The Miami Herald newspaper will be going behind a subscription wall on December 18th.

Meanwhile, in a recent editorial they are promoting the establishment of a movie studio or entertainment production facility in their backyard. Some locals suspect that current management is planning to turn the newspaper into a Reality TV show or Telenovela.

And, according to reliable sources speaking strictly on background but not for attribution, Miami Herald reporter Frances Robles is following her imaginary cockatoo friend over to The New York Times. Now, perhaps, Miami-Dade will be spared a race riot from the George Zimmerman case.