Sunday, December 2

During Austerity or Disorder -

Does anyone still remember
Inspector Fabian of Scotland Yard?

I must admit that he had faded almost completely from my memory until I came across this book review.

Murder at Wrotham Hill by Diana Souhami is a True Crime account of a real life murder reconstructed from the post-WWII years in England which presents a lot of the color and atmosphere of the era and includes the aforementioned Fabian of Scotland Yard.

If this book revives sufficient public interest in Fabian, a TV mini-series about him might make an intriguing successor to the British production of their Foyle's War series.

:: It is reviewed here by Blake Morrison.

And Paula Woods reviews Michael Connelly's new detective novel, The Black Box, which involves the 1992 killing of a young Danish photojournalist during the Rodney King riots in Los Angeles.