Sunday, December 2

The Dee Dee MacGuffin -

Trayvon Martin Shooting . . .

Has this witness been suborned?

Don West from the George Zimmerman Defense Team has done due diligence by initiating an investigation into the authentication of Witness #8 aka Dee Dee, who remains a murky presence in this case due to lack of establishing the Sacred Chain of Evidence, which raises numerous crazy prospective scenarios.

You may remember that Dee Dee was the MacGuffin which was used, in effect, to trigger this prosecution and still constitutes the State's star witness.

Some of the questions raised by various versions
of the audio recording include the following:

Is Dee Dee some form of CGI or a real human being? Is she really as represented: a 16-year-old tender teenager from Miami Gardens? Or could she be a 23-year-old hooker from Daytona?

Was she personally acquainted with Trayvon Martin? Or is Dee Dee a spoof in some way? How many versions of Dee Dee exist? How many Dee Dee Entities are out there?

Was the extended telephonic conversation verified at the phone companies or was it lowered from a basket in the sky after Martin's death?

Will Dee Dee appear in court as a shrouded hologram?

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