Friday, March 22

Counterfeit Edens -

The Retreat at Twin Lakes, which was
the setting for the Trayvon Martin Shooting . . .

was a porously enclosed multi-residential private estate located in Sanford Florida. Its lack of secure boundaries made it a magnetic treasure chest attracting outside marauders.

Instead of reporting the situation as it existed, the Mainstream Media preferred to depict it as a kind of paradise theme park into which George Zimmerman, the villain, introduced Evil.

The American Press is no longer being held accountable for presenting fantasy in place of fact. Lawyer James Beasley, recently hired by Zimmerman, seems to be the only agency able to get results.

Meanwhile . . . the city of Sanford has held a special summit meeting of community leaders to discuss what needs to be done about the current crime rate among its young African-American males which is "spiraling out of control."

Google seems to be in the process of shredding and burying the Blogosphere. People have been reporting that their Google Alerts have not been working properly. And I have been getting Error results lately when I've tried to ping their Feedburner page.

It is no longer possible to use Blog Search to find blogs discussing your topic of interest; the results are highly manipulated, censored, very limited, and usually worthless.

It's beginning to look like Google may have acquired BlogSpot just to destroy it. Most of the space on Google News is now devoted to simply advertising the legacy media giants.

Soon we will have only one
news source: Google, our new Overlords.

The visit of Blogger Yoani Sanchez is throwing the American MSM into turmoil, because it puts on display their frothing hypocrisy. In Cuba the government is hostile to Bloggers, but here in the U.S. it is the MSM which seethes with intense hatred for self-selected alternate perspectives in the Blogosphere.

Clearly, this sinister Coalition of the Swilling is getting ready to crush us. Kent Brockman, as a trusted TV personality, will be helpful in rounding up the gullible to toil in their underground caves.