Sunday, March 24

Trayvon Nullification Vehicle -

Jim DeFede, CBS Miami reporter, becomes the willing dupe of a very cynical, venal, and malicious propaganda machine which is demonstrably working here to nullify Due Process when, on the pretext of sharing some of his favorite books about Florida, he reports:

 "According to the killer, George Zimmerman, it was the victim's fault. His presence had made him feel threatened. That was why he had followed the boy, and ultimately killed him, so the police said what they would have in 1980, 1935, 1920 - or 1876 or 1818. It had been okay to kill him. They told Zimmerman he could go home."

Hey, Jim, when are you moving to Burma?
You don't deserve to live in the United States!

Yes, folks, this is what the American Press consists of these days: whores, psychopaths, seditionists, nihilists, drug addicts, low lives, and pond scum; coming to a neighborhood near you real soon to poison your jury pool and guarantee that you can never get a fair trial.

These are the people who have the megaphones, the videocams, and the distribution system that constitute The Mighty Wurlitzer Propaganda Machine. These are the people who have the connections to buy Freedom of the Press.

This is what passes for Freedom of the Press these days: the freedom to poison jury pools, the freedom to thwart Due Process and the freedom to obstruct the course of justice.

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