Tuesday, April 9

After The Kissoff -

Trayvon Martin - George Zimmerman

The recent disclosure of a settlement reached between the HOA of The Retreat at Twin Lakes (or their insurance company) and the estate or birth parents of the itinerant teenager Trayvon Martin does not come as a surprising event in cases like this or "Slip and Fall" or other kinds of Death by Misadventure.

In my experience, typically, the organization admits no guilt or blame and the decedent's representatives agree to refrain from further litigation with some (secret) sum of "go-away" money paid to them in exchange for their relinquishing any further claims.

Thus, we almost take it for granted as a expected given in this kind of situation. This settlement, including any nondisclosure provision, is pretty standard stuff, I believe.

OK, "Slip and Fall" it isn't this time, but now that this landmark has been established, I want to address a couple of the issues raised post-kissoff: first, the insecure and porous enclosure of the multi-residential campus; and, second, the Geo Locating Cues.

An architect wrote an Op-Ed piece about this case in which he opined that the campus of this development is poorly designed. I happen to agree with him. The townhouses or villas look lovely, but the environment is sterile and disorienting, among other things.

How could the developers have left the enclosure so porous and insecure? Other condo complexes have high concrete walls around them. These developers may have had to trim costs to keep their offerings within the preplanned price points. Then, they may have claimed that they expected to complete the enclosure at some future date. It should be clear by now that the estate's boundaries security needs more attention sooner rather than later.

Somewhat related to this issue is the protocol for guests. Aren't residents expected to notify Security that they are housing guests and provide their identities? Aren't guests supposed to get signed security passes? Are guests allowed to roam the campus after dark without being accompanied by their resident hosts? How do unit owners know whether someone is a legitimate guest or a trespasser?

Continued in Part II which follows . . .