Tuesday, April 9

After The Kissoff II -

Then, we come to the issue of Geo Locating Cues. In the transcript of Zimmerman's conversation with the dispatcher, Zimmerman appears to have difficulty giving his location over the telephone.

First, some system needs to be selected for orienteering, such as North East Quadrant or something else; then, more signs are needed.

A good, but not expensive, beginning for this process could be: planting some distinctive trees and shrubs, as in "I'll meet you under the big oak tree."

The Geo Locating issue goes beyond Law Enforcement. It is crucial to the Health and Safety of residents. What if a resident has a heart attack and a family member calls 911 for Fire and Rescue with Cardiac Resuscitation equipment?

You can't have the Rescue Unit driving round and round the ring road endlessly, trying to figure out where their heart attack patient awaits them, because time is of the essence. The Condo Commandos need to start thinking about making better provisions for Geo Locating Cues within their campus.

Since the teenager Trayvon Martin is presumed to have died intestate, we will be interested to see whether any inter-family disputes arise over the settlement, with regard to the youth's estate. Trayvon, it appears, had numerous half-brothers from diverse babymamas with even weirder names than his.

I would only be guessing, partly on the basis of those weirdish names, that the father is a member of a syncretic cult which may be an offshoot of the Moorish Science Movement. At some point in the future I expect them all to hold a very public reunion with each of the weirdly named half-brothers wearing a fez, taking turns in eulogizing their fallen brother.

The next issue on the agenda for this case is expected to be: the disputation about whether or not Zimmerman Defense can depose Benjamin Crump.

Will Benjamin Crump Esq be deposed?