Thursday, April 11

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Cuban writer Jose Latour, now based in Canada, has a new mystery thriller novel out called Riders of Land and Tide. John Barber writes about him at the G&M.

# Shocked by Patricia Volk is a coming of age story about the author's complicated relationship with an elegant but highly critical mother; reviewed here by Heller McAlpin.

# "The Slow Death of the American Author"
by Scott Turow, an Op-Ed piece at the NY Times.

# Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell, a novel by Susanna Clarke, will be coming to the BBC and BBCAmerica in 2014.

# Mike Ripley's latest
Getting Away With Murder column.

# BBC TV Centre in London demolished.

# In the mood to listen to some old-fashioned Noir?

Jake Hinkson writes about the Night Beat radio
series and leaves a link to it in the comments.

# Controversy about the song Accidental Racist.