Monday, September 23

Is That For Real? -

Harry the CGI Lizard . . .
is a lovely piece of work who has charmed many TV viewers. Rushes, the company which created him, has posted some information about him. He looks like a relative of the Anole family of lizards.

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Aaron Alexis carved two cryptic phrases on the stock of his shotgun. One phrase was  "Better off this way" and the other was "My ELF weapon."

What does ELF mean?

I think it means
Electronic Life Form in this context.

Schizophrenics sometimes refer to
themselves or others as dolls, robots, or puppets.

There have been a number of SciFi movies based on the premise that CGI figures from cyberspace have passed through a "membrane" from the computer screen or TV to our earthly reality space.

Alexis may have come to suspect that some of the people he was working among at that facility were not real people, but, rather, were like digital facsimiles. Or maybe intrusive aliens or invading ETs. Or hostile entities of some kind who were masquerading as humans.

Add some paranoia to that state of mind and he may have believed he needed a shotgun to exterminate them.

Just guessing. [two messages]

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Zombie has posted an analysis
of some BBC reportage about
the shopping mall attack in Kenya.