Wednesday, September 25

The White Widow,
The Mad Cook & The Coed -

Amanda Knox,
China Arnold and 
Samantha Lewthwaite . . .

Does leafy ennui transform some
suburban housewives into terrorists?

Lots of speculation now in the international media about whether Samantha Lewthwaite was involved in the Kenya shopping mall attack.

# Here in the U.S., the cable tv talk shows, which frequently spotlight mothers accused of killing their adorable little children, are preoccupied with China Arnold, dubbed The Microwave Mom, a young mother who is accused of cooking her baby in a microwave oven.

# And the do-over appeal trial of Amanda Knox in Florence is scheduled to begin September 30th.  Andrea Vogt has been reporting on it lonterm and continues to keep track of it.

The Seattle native recently gave an interview to the British media, explaining why she won't travel to Italy for the proceedings.