Tuesday, October 15

A Clutch of Pearls -

Adam Woog reviews crime fiction set in India, Mississippi, and DC. Tarquin Hall's Vish Puri, "India’s Most Private Detective," puts in an appearance in The Case of the Love Commandos. And Judith Flanders pens a non-fiction study of crime in Victorian England.

# Author Jonathan Franzen expounds on what's wrong with the modern world. His new book The Kraus Project is reviewed by David Wolf.

# Donna Tartt who wrote cult classic The Secret History is presenting her third novel The Goldfinch which is reviewed by Catherine Taylor.

# Movie-maker Wes Anderson tells Matt Zoller Seitz how he made The Royal Tenenbaums. Great interview!

# NPR checks in with Bemelmans' Madeline; and
the elusive street artist Banksy may be visiting NYC.