Saturday, October 19

Casebook Thaumaturgy -

This is an informal update to the two cases we've been following here which were generated in the mainstream media by Hollywood-connected press agents rather than by the shoe leather of journalists' primary reportage.

The Perugia Slasher Case is known as The Meredith Murder within Italy. As far as I know, the next court session is scheduled for November 6th. Amanda Knox recently took her show on the road and appeared via Skype on an Italian TV program called Porta a Porta.

I don't know whether or not she packed her newly-affected Percy Dovetonsils lisp with her for the occasion, but I don't think I'm going to watch the video just to find out.

Ultimately, I expect, a Red Notice will be issued for her.

*  *  *  *  *
CNN recently aired a retrospective on the Trayvon Martin shooting and the subsequent  prosecution of George Zimmerman. They added only one new element to their narrative: some historical background about the relationship between Sanford and Goldsboro.

Other than that, they did not advance the story at all. It was mostly just a rehash. It was so superfluous that their website doesn't even provide a link to the program anymore.

But, not to worry, because some of the local news media has found another case they seem to be trying to promote as a sequel to the Trayvon Martin shooting.

Jandei Cherry was shot very late at night whilst he was proceeding down Hollywood Boulevard on foot and completely naked.

Uh-oh! Another Naked Face-Eating Zombie case?

Reporters did not mention whether the naked man tried to chew the shooter's face off as in the Miami causeway case, because, as you could already guess, they're just playing games with you to taunt you.

How deviant does a person's behavior have to be before you are forced to shoot them in self-defense? Do you have to wait until they have finished chewing off your nose, for example?

Eric Holder could get quite granular about it, so try to decide what percentage of your face the zombie has to consume before you are allowed to defend yourself.

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