Wednesday, November 20

The Zimster:
Notorious Horse Thief? -

That's a lot of spaghetti they've thrown up against the wall this time. But in the end, how much of it will stick? And what about the batsh*t crazy blonde? Blonde is a career in Florida.

Let's try to put this latest incident in perspective. When I was Neighborhood Crime Watcher in a rather shabby part of town, Domestic Disturbances like this one were a regular occurance, especially on Friday nights when the husband or boyfriend would get paid, go out and get drunk, and then come home to an argument with his lady.

I have zero-tolerance for Domestic Violence. If I didn't hear the woman screaming down on the first floor or on the other side of the complex, other residents would be knocking on my door to inform me about what was going on because they knew I would summon the police for this type of incident.

When calling, I would warn the police because I know this is often a very volatile situation and can be fraught with great danger to the police if they try to intervene.

To begin with, it is a priority to try to separate the combatants. But after that, whatever allegations and charges may be flying around, may eventually evaporate in the sunlight of Aristotle's sweet reason during the next day or over the weekend.

Maybe George Zimmerman has a more exciting sex life than you do, but he also managed to snag the blonde arm candy. Remember: this is all fodder for the sensationalist Cable TV talk shows.

*  *  *  *  *
Rumors have been rife around Florida that the Obama regime has been censoring the press coverage of the Trayvon Shooting and the Zimmerman Case. According to the chatter, the Sentinel newspaper which is owned by the Chicago-base Tribune Co has been given orders by the current administration on what they can and cannot write about. I do not know if this is true or not. I can only speak for myself.

No one from "the government" or from the FBI has told me to "cool it" or put a sock in it when blogging about this case. The FBI has not actually knocked on my door and said "we need to talk."

Nevertheless, something odd did happen. Around the anniversary of the Trayvon Shooting for an extended period of time maybe encompassing a fortnight, FBI Surveillance Vehicle #42 was parked outside my then residence, where I was a house mother in a group transitional home for young women on behalf of a Black Baptist Social Services Organization.

When I signed on to my computer and plugged into the house WiFi, they would come up in my vicinity cloud of "Connections Available" from my right side tray bar. I was intially startled to see them there and was completely baffled by why they were parked there, but I am not upset or angry about it.

Please keep in mind that the Bureau can maintain "plausible deniability" on their presence there because they can claim they were there to monitor someone else in the neighborhood. But the timing is surely a remarkable coincidence.

I would not encourage ramping up your paranoia based on their parking habits. They have not had any words directly with me about this case.