Thursday, November 21

Abandoning Civilization -

There is a newspaper box in front of Dunkin' on Broward Blvd near police hqtrs, but if you want to read today's edition, you are often out of luck. The box may contain yesterday's edition or maybe even an older one, but it doesn't matter very much, since about 97% of the population here is stone cold illiterate and can't read a newspaper anyway.

People get lost in the system here because of the pervasive illiteracy. Children get lost from the DYFUS agency and eventually end up dead or mysteriously disappeared forever. Someone you know could perchance get arrested and get lost in the jail system, too.

Many people have fake credentials here, but no one can check or verify them because they are illiterate. Abou 30% of the female population here is morbidly obese, weighing at least 300 lbs which is their only qualification for anything. They get free automobiles, gas, and free cell phones. And food stamps, of course. If there is anything the morbidly obese need most it's food supplements.

There is absolutely no regulation of anything here. I stayed at a hotel down here where the staff literally just emerged from the jungle the week before. They were in the habit of storing the hotel's garbage in the linens closet. The large black plastic ags of garbage made an irresistible target for rats who would climb all over the sheets to get to the garbage.

People who run organizations and agencies here do not believe in psychiatry; they believe in conjuring. They do not believe that germs cause disease; they believe that evil spirits cause disease. They have never heard of Vitamin C and do not feel compelled to  provide it. There are seriously mentally ill people all over the streets here, sometimes ripping up garbage and spreading it all over parking lots.

Broward County's drastic decline into third world savagery is sucking it into a dark void from which there can be no return. It is on a one-way ticket to oblivion.

Last night I had another bizarre experience which could only happen in Broward County. I was visiting an organization which is nominally Christian. But half the professing Christians I have met here are actually malicious psychopaths.

When I arrived, I explained to the woman running things that I am suffering from a very bad cold or the flu and I am having difficulty in remaining mobile. I really need to keep drinking liquids. I am an elderly person who is very sick right now.

Her response was to tell me that I have a "bad attitude." Another woman entered the room and informed me in a stern tone that "you are now a prisoner of Homeland Security because we have decided you pose a security threat to the families here.

Why don't you ask the sheriff to run a background check on people who come here, I asked her. She ignored me.

I have never been arrested. I do not drink or take drugs. I've passed an FBI top secret security level clearance process when my late father worked for the space program. I pose a security threat? What Homeland Security imprisonment? These people frequently make up phony laws on the spur of the moment, resulting in absolute social chaos.

She then told me that I would be imprisoned in this room for at least two hours. Can't I get a Coke or smoke a cigarette? No. Until 8:30pm you may not leave this room. At 8:30, I tried to leave the room and the woman approached me angrily. It is not 8:30 yet she told me. Get back in that room! She told me she would come to get me at 8:30. She came at 8:38pm. She attempted to browbeat and bully me. She advised me that I was violating "the rules." Which rules, I asked her. She wouldn't tell me. She then began to concoct malicious fairytales about me. This is how they treat elderly people who happen to be very sick - they see it as a perfect opportunity to abuse people.

I no longer have living relatives living in South Florida. They've either died or moved away. That's what happens as you get older - you outlive most of your relatives. On Thanksgiving I sometimes attend church dinners, just to share the holiday with other people. But I don't think I'm going to do that anymore. Certainly not this year. I also no longer expect to live the rest of my life here in Florida. I've had enough of vicious illiterate savages and pathological narcissists abusing me. I don't want to deal with this anymore. It isn't worth ruining my quality of life.

The local Sun Sentinel newspaper is owned by The Tribune Co in Chicago. They have announced that they are cutting 700 jobs. They must be pulling someone's leg. The only reason most people here might pick up that newspaper is for the coupons. They cannot actually read the newspaper because they are illiterate.

Broward County has become a vast sprawling favela. It will succumb to jungle rot in due course. Toxic black mold will eat all the walls, which will have to be demolished. There will be no traces of Civilization left because any such traces have long since disappeared.