Monday, February 17

A Musical Sucker Punch -

Some Headline Briefs From Florida . . .

Items from Lily Pulitzer's estate will be up for auction on February 22nd.  The fashion icon died at her Palm Beach home in April. Furniture, art, and decorative objects are included in the offerings. A preview opened Friday.

# An off-duty Corrections Officer accidentally discharged his handgun Saturday night, wounding six people in a Fort Lauderdale restaurant.

# Condo Commandos
blocked pickup of cadaver by hearse.

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There has been a noticable decline in Civility in our society in recent years. Two Florida cases which have received national attention are examples of this phenomenon: a man using his mobile phone in a movie theater and some teenagers playing loud music.

In a previous era, movies were shown in ornate palaces with numerous ushers in attendance who would eject miscreants. Today, movies are shown in movieplexes having a dozen or more screening rooms, and I can't remember the last time I saw an usher. Is there a sign at the ticket window directing viewers to turn off their mobile phones before entering the screening room?

I haven't gone to a public movie theater since the first Harry Potter film, so I don't know what's happening in that environment these days, but I expect that in a darkened movie theater it might be hard to discern that a missile being hurled at you is just a package of popcorn.

Teenagers playing loud music can be a painful problem. Some of their equipment has an intensely reverberating base speaker which can feel like it's vibrating through your bones and teeth. Since Sound Battery has been used as a weapon by the military, it might be considered a form of anti-social agression.

I am not implying that all rude people should be shot to death, but the MSM has not been discussing the issue of Civility in public behavior, as far as I've seen.