Monday, February 10

Knox: Sidelined in Seattle -

This past weekend, Simon Hattenstone presented a soft feature piece on Amanda Knox at The Guardian in which he gives us the impression that Amanda Knox became a casual part time hobby interest of his for a few years.

Perhaps too casual . . .

Overall, the piece seems fundamentally flawed because Hattenstone failed to include any anchor facts established by the courts in it to balance his subject's claims.

There is a video clip accompanying Hattenstone's feature story, in which Amanda Knox displays an intensely desperate need for attention and seems to be absolutely basking in Hattenstone's spotlight.

If Amanda Knox continues to act out in a desperate bid for the attention she craves, as in cyber-stalking the Kercher Family, she may get into trouble with American law enforcement in the future.

Andrea Vogt has compared the Amanda Knox media performances to a twisted Reality TV series, and I believe her comparison has some merit.