Thursday, February 6

Dancing On A Grave -

The Meredith Murder Case . . .

By evening on Verdict Thursday, I was experiencing heavy fatigue from this case, which I have followed from first reports of the crime, and I had reached the limits of my tolerance for Amanda Knox's diverse camera performances with her endless wardrobe of ticks and quirky affectations, among the most recent being the very literary Percy Dovetonsils Lisp.

In the latest round of video clips from post-verdict interviews, she is now displaying The Quivering Lip. When young people see this, they may see a Seattle college gal, but when I watch Knox's "sparrow with a broken wing" performances, I am reminded of Ted Bundy:

Bundy often feigned an injury or disability. In many cases he wore a plaster cast on one leg or a sling on one arm, and sometimes hobbled on crutches, then requested assistance.

He often revisited his crime scenes to groom or dress up the cadavers and then he took photos of many of his victims. "When you work hard to do something right," he said, "you don't want to forget it."

Disney-ABC's Fantasy World seems to be currently leading the pack in interviews and features. They lack a Reality TV series like Real Housewives of Seattle, but if you examine their weekly lineup of shows, you'll see their offerings are skewed in that direction anyway with shows like Revenge and Scandal, etc.

In the time period leading up to the verdict, Knox developed an obsession with Meredith Kercher's grave, in the absence of any other trophy, and she seemed to be cyber-stalking the Kercher Family - for which behavior she was not prosecuted.

Knox issued a statement supposedly in reaction to the verdict on her. It begins this way:

"First and foremost it must be recognised that there is no consolation for the Kercher family. Their grief over Meredith's terrible murder will follow them forever."

What an utterly malevolent thing to say! In other words, Knox was trying to work some sort of magical curse on the Kercher Family so they would suffer from endless grief and anguish without relief forever. The rest of her statement was too arrogant to waste space on here.

What's next for Knox? Some lawyers are publicly commenting about extradition protocols, but I don't expect her case to take that route.

First, Italy's Supreme Court must reaffirm the appeal verdict; then, I expect a Red Notice to be issued for her; and then, I expect that the rest of the process probably will be privatized.

Until then, try changing the TV channel if watching her performance bothers you.