Monday, April 28

Dragon's Teeth -

I never watched Miami Vice when it was first broadcast on TV, but recently I discovered the series is being aired again once a week on a cable channel and I caught a couple of episodes. It holds up pretty well!

Of course, South Florida has come a long way since the debut of Crockett and Tubbs - much more of it is being paved over with concrete and equipped with hi-tech security provisions.

Still, once in a while, we have incidents
evocative of the old days . . . like this one:

The other night, a Lamborghini, which allegedly was going in excess of 100 miles per hour on the MacArthur Causeway, became involved in a crash with an SUV.

Why was the Lambo going so fast?

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Attorney Donna DiMaggio Berger responds.

# The sentencing report by Judge Nencini for
the Amanda Knox appeal situation is expected
to be issued by Wednesday.

+ I'm still experiencing some connectivity problems.