Tuesday, April 22

Transmigrating Mysteries -

Publishers are reincarnating classic
detective characters both here in the USA
and across The Pond in the UK, too, nowadays . . .

The latest news of such a reincarnation is of Albert Campion. Jake Kerridge reports that Mike Ripley has completed an Albert Campion detective manuscript. Kerridge then uses this as an opportunity to write about Margery Allingham (1904-66) and her work.

Speaking of reincarnated detectives, have you thought of any candidates to portray the new Philip Marlowe yet? How about Richard Gere?

# There's been a lot of activity in
the realm of Italian Mysteries lately.

Adam Woog's monthly column gives a thumbs-up review to the new Inspector Brunetti Mystery by Donna Leon which involves antiquarian book vandalism and theft.

And Italian Noir in English: The Milano Quartet, Giorgio Scerbanenco's A Private Venus, is reviewed at NPR.

# A feature on Swedish Mystery
writer Camilla Lackberg by Paul Connolly.

# An A-Z guide to the fiction
of James Ellroy by Jim Mancall.

# Debbie Meldrum ponders which version of The Thin Man she likes more - the original novel or the movie.

# A trio of Graphic Novels is reviewed at NPR. Maureen Corrigan gives glowing praise to a couple of them. And there is a memoir about a diner in the 1970's.