Thursday, May 26

Rough Passages -

ZombiCon Killer, BookSlut
Bows Out, and a Grotesque Diatribe . . .

Last year, during a ZombieCon festivity in Fort Myers, a man fired a gun into the crowd, killing 20-year-old Expavious Tyrell Taylor. The shooter is still at large. If you have any information which could help the police, there is a $36,000 reward.

You can call the Fort Myers Police Department at 239-321-7700 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-780-TIPS.

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The Literati on the Internet
are losing a valued contributor.

Jessa Crispin has announced that she has decided to end her BookSlut project, which included a Blog and a monthly online literary magazine. While I was reading her remarks about the finale of the project, I was remembering David Bowie's poignant song Where Are We Now?

Much has changed since the early days of the new century as far as writing online. Feed Magazine was an example of less emphasis on form and more of a focus on content. Experts advised us to make our landing page load as quickly as possible.

Today, a typical online "magazine" is often heavy with an over-abundance of fancy computer code in its format, but contains thin contents, which may be there simply to promote something else the writer is selling.

Maybe Jessa could still contribute an
occasional piece to The Guardian Book Blog.

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A vile agitprop piece worthy of Der Sturmer, demonizing George Zimmerman, was posted at The Daily Beast recently. The poison pen involved was wielded by a writer named Gideon Resnick, who seemed to be trying to incite some loose screw into killing the former NCW.

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