Friday, May 13

Some Wizards Behind The Curtain -

Although I haven't had much time for surfing lately,
I still have an inclination to collect links like a magpie.

I'm no couch potato, but for this year's open house week on Cable TV, I browsed a bit and impulsively decided to watch the first season of True Detective on HBO.

It required binge-watching 8 episodes within a few days, and somehow I managed to slog through it all. The story involved the gradual discovery of a serial killer.

I'm still not into binge-watching, but it was pretty good.

Also just noticed that Sarah Weinman has linked to a newly discovered serial killer story.

I admire her commitment to the genre.

# Along the way, it came to my attention that Christopher Fowler has produced a new book of short mystery stories called London's Glory.

Try not to notice the men
behind the curtains pulling the strings . . .

# Some people are surprised that F*cebook allegedly manipulates its news feed. If that's your only news source, you are seriously shortchanging yourself.

# Here are some of our new Gate-Keepers
who worship the false idols of algorithms.