Monday, July 18

Pulse & Dogma -

Gimme A Fresh Angle . . .

If the Orlando terrorist attack had happened in the Fort Lauderdale area, it probably would have had a much different outcome.

Every gay man I know in this area carries a small canister of pepper spray on his key chain or in his pocket when he ventures out after dark. Although the choreography of this crime may not yet have been fully reconstructed, it is possible the shooter could have been foiled early in his enterprise by someone spraying pepper spray in his eyes and blinding him.

The Mainstream Media immediately jumped
on the story with not one but two Treatments:

First, they treated it as a Gay Hate Crime. Although it was experienced by the Gay community as a hate crime, it turned out to be a terrorist attack. The doctored 911 records were not appreciated.

Then, they tried to treat the Pulse story as an argument for Gun Control. The jihadi terrorists do not necessarily use guns; they have been known to use other weapons. And, by the same token, you don't necessarily have to use a gun to counteract them.

I understand that cell phones have been used to remotely detonate their bombs from a safe distance. Are we going to outlaw cell phones, too?

According to reports, Omar Mateen repeatedly expressed his devotion to the leader of one of the Islamic-style terrorist cults, ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Bagdadi. This is a pronounced characteristic of cult activity, whether the devotion is to Charlie Manson, Jim Jones, David Koresh, or any other leader.

ISIS is just one of a cluster of regional cults which have a long history. Many of them attribute their existence to the breakup of the Ottoman Empire which they fantasize as a Golden Age they wish to recapture. The Muslim Brotherhood, one of the earliest of these groups, was founded in Egypt in 1928.

What should we call these groups? The nomenclature issue has become an unnecessary controversy. If you wish to avoid any mention of Islam, you can call them Militant Jihadis or Caliphate Militants. This controversy has become a red herring.

The term "caliphate" is just a word which can mean many different things to many different people. For some, it may mean a kind of Shangri-la; for others, a Utopia. For a terrorist jihadi cult, it means the establishment of their own Slave Empire.

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