Friday, August 19

Some Strange Appearances -

Another Florida Face-Eating Attack
has been reported this week. Drug
involvement is strongly suspected.

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A new Netflix documentary which will spotlight Amanda Knox will debut at the Toronto Film Festival [TIFF] next month before a global release at the end of September, according to the British Press Association at The Guardian.

Like The Tunnel, currently airing on PBS, which is a joint Anglo/French production, the Knox movie was filmed in collaboration with a Danish producer.

 A few days ago while on a supermarket checkout line, I was surprised to see the image of Jodi Arias on the cover of a tabloid publication.

Although I affirm the rights of the authors to express themselves with a movie spotlighting Amanda Knox, I think it is far too soon for such a documentary to have any serious credibility. Besides that, both Jodi Arias and Amanda Knox have been featured abundantly in the Media already.

For me, the final court outcome on Knox was akin to the Scottish "bastard" verdict and was deliberately left ambiguous for the public to resolve for themselves within a more personal realm.

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A beautiful and intricate new
crop circle recently appeared in Wiltshire.
And it's definitely worth a look.