Friday, March 6

Bookish: ITINERANT (9#) -

The Spirit of Place in Mystery Novels can become almost another character in the books. And that is the focus of an entry at the Guardian Books Blog by Stuart Evers.

About Havana: "this broken, fractured city; a reddish brown realm of peeling stucco houses, heat-stunted trees and illegal drinking dens."

# Also there, Leonardo Padura's top 10 Cuban novels.

# News of the bookseller of Kabul from Moby.

# This month's new issue of BookSlut is posted
and includes a new Mystery Strumpet column.

# And a new issue of The Quarterly Conversation.

# At NPR: memoirs of a Marine in Iraq, a mystery novel set in Hong Kong, 3 magical picks in swords and sorcery, and a lot more.

# At WSJ, a book about an Art Museum heist.