Wednesday, September 16

Iran: Shiite Advice
and CyberWarfare (5#) -

Grand Ayatollah al-Sistani convened a press conference at his modest home and cautioned that politicians and government officials should not try to use religion as a front for their actions. This may be interpreted as a subtle advisory to the regime in Tehran.

He said that he stays on top of the news and is fully aware of what's been happening lately in Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. He also took a few moments to encourage good journalism practices.

# Mowjcamp reports an intensification of cyberwarfare against reformist movement websites in anticipation of a large demonstration gathering for Quds Day on this coming Friday. Indeed, one Blogger writes:

"All sorts of internet crackdowns again. My friends are having trouble sending me email, the 'green' websites have been filtered even more, the proxy sites that help users reach filtered webpages are dysfunctional. This NOT just the result of heavier traffic."

# Blind mice reverse course.

# The Iran Human Rights Documentation Center
has just published a report called Forced Confessions:
Targeting Iran's Bloggers and Cyber-Journalists.