Saturday, October 31

SoFlo: Peddling Phony Solutions -

The Herald's Voodoo Employment Program . . .

With an air of smarmy self-righteous arrogance, a Miami Herald columnist urges us to grant Haitians special permits to get jobs here, and if we don't, maligns us as racists.

Florida is currently experiencing a grim economic downturn. Thousands of Americans living here have lost their jobs and are unemployed. Many have also lost their homes in foreclosures. There are people out on the street publicly begging for food. And there are people sleeping in their cars. There are derelict buildings here and emptied neighborhoods. There has been a noticeable rise in armed robberies. Clearly, this is not an opportune moment to bring foreigners here who are seeking jobs.

Yet, in this entire column Cuban-born Myriam Marquez does not express even a jot of sympathy or compassion for the thousands of Americans already living here in Florida who are out of work or homeless. Why should she? As long as she's got a job, screw you.

This column illustrates the vast disconnect between the Miami Herald newspaper and the shared reality the rest of us are actually living in, otherwise known as the "facts on the ground."

This column contributes nothing constructive to public debate; instead, it injects poison into the public discourse. And it is clearly intended to foment civil disorder.

The Cubans maintain their own private militia here which is based in Broward County. They hire themselves out as "security" personnel. Thus, they stand to financially profit from civil disorder. The more disorder there is here, the more they stand to benefit.

That's what the Miami Herald
is promoting. And I think it's disgusting.

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