Wednesday, December 2

Mez: Red Card Foul (5#) -

Meredith Kercher Murder Case -

Now comes Luciano Ghirga for the Defense, who contends that Amanda Knox was a victim of the crushing machinery of The System.

In rebuttal, Prosecution argued that Knox was more like a coiled spring that was unleashed that night. "I saw the body," Dr Mignini recalled grimly, "and Meredith Kercher was practically butchered."

In an emotional plea, Ghirga asked the jury to give back his client's life to her, claiming The System had committed a "red card" foul against her.

Alexander Smoltczyk in his piece about the case at Spiegel, which was translated by Christopher Sultan, asks:

"Is it possible for two basically likeable, young, attractive and promising people to rape and brutally murder one of their friends - with no apparent motive, no justification and no compassion?"

The jury is scheduled to begin deliberations this Friday.

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