Wednesday, December 2

Mez: Red Card Foul II (3#) -

Meredith Kercher Murder Case -

Some additional late links follow . . .

# Barbie Nadeau in an exclusive for Newsweek Online suggests that whatever the outcome of the trial in Perugia, Amanda Knox has lost control over her own image.

# Timothy Egan, a Pacific Northwest blogster for the NY Times, believes Amanda Knox is being put through the wringer in Italy because:

"To many Italians, Amanda Knox is a spoiled, amoral American college girl who has not shown sufficient remorse for the death of her roommate."

# Linda Byron, a local Seattle reporter, in Perugia for the end of the trial writes back to the folks at home on KING5:

"Knox was one of 16 students from the University of Washington studying in Perugia in the fall of 2007. This year there are only two. [But] there’s more oversight and communication with students."