Wednesday, December 2

Murdoch Pwns G News (3#) -

Feel like a parasite? Gosh, that's harsh . . .

I don't generally read my local newspapers online, primarily because their websites are too cumbersome and time-consuming. I usually just check the website of a local TV station for my local news if I haven't already watched it.

Google has just announced they're going to limit our access to newspaper websites, which I don't usually read to begin with.

What will be the effect? I guess it will initially cause chaos, but subsequently reduce traffic to newspaper websites. Local NPR will probably carry some local news as the BBC does.

But the real $64 question is: can Rupert Murdoch get rid of NPR? He's been trying to get rid of the BBC lately.

We'll probably be reading
a lot more about this in days to come.

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