Wednesday, May 18

Mez: Squeals, Appeals & Traces (5#) -

The U.S. State Department regularly monitored the situation of Amanda Knox since she was arrested and through her conviction for killing her housemate Meredith Kercher, according to Andrea Vogt's latest article.

Although I do not normally disclose this kind of information, I can confirm the thrust of Vogt's dispatch. The State Department also regularly checked my blog to keep up to date with the case, according to my site meters.

# A preliminary half-hour hearing, which included an Amanda Knox appearance, was held yesterday in preparation for her Defamation trial which concerns her allegations that she was subjected to police brutality and abuse, charges that the Italian police vehemently deny. That trial is now scheduled to begin in mid-November.

This coming Saturday, May 21st, a court session is scheduled in the Knox et al Appeals process. There have been suggestions recently from Knox supporters that some scientific forensic material is being held back from her Defense benefit, but the department which handles that matter may be busy with numerous other cases, unlike the impression often given by popular TV programs.
"Law enforcement officers often receive inquiries and demands about their investigations that stem from unrealistic portrayals on television... The increased demand for forensic evidence can cause an unmanageable workload for forensic laboratories. Some crime labs process several thousand cases every year."
In town this week is the defendant's father, Curt Knox, who hasn't seen his daughter in a year, although he has kept in touch with her otherwise. [BBC] [ABC]

# Peer Review: What do other Italian Bloggers think about the court-ordered sequestering of the Perugia Shock blog written by Frank Sfarzo?

Italian Blogger Stephen Nazzi expresses his reaction. Slip his blog entry url into Google Translate for a pretty good English rendition.