Thursday, October 20

Reverse Twists -

Verdicts were issued for
Casey Anthony and Amanda Knox

during my unplanned hiatus. Both verdicts
may have caught some people by surprise.

Following the Casey Anthony verdict, Dr Phil, the TV psychologist, stepped in and interviewed her parents. I watched the interviews and thought Dr Phil asked some interesting questions. I'm glad he stepped in and was happy to learn that he has a message board on his website. Some of the discourse on this case was becoming wild and abusive. I trust that Dr Phil has responsible people moderating his message board who can modulate the tone of the discussion about this case.

What is this fascination with Amanda Knox all about?

I don't think the explanation is complicated.

First, some people follow sub-categories of News, such as sports, politics, entertainment, celebrities, fashion/beauty, etc. Ready for a new category? Ponzi Collectibles Auctions!

And, second, some people seem to live vicariously through people in the news with whom they may identify in some way. After decades of passively watching TV and developing fantasy relationships with the images they see, some people find it a pleasant momentary escape from their own problems to focus on someone else's problems for a change.

Last week the focus of their attention may have been Amanda Knox, but this week it's Lindsay Lohan. And next week it may be someone else.

Somewhat related to this is the debate the public has been conducting among themselves as to whether or not Amanda Knox really is free now. She may have been sprung from her concrete prison, but come under closer scrutiny than when she originally attended college in Seattle.

Why? Her parents, family, friends, and supporters have frequently appeared on American TV. And no one forced Amanda Knox to sign up on a Social Network website with that Foxy Knoxy handle. It seems pretty lame to complain now about the extra attention AK may be getting while Real Housewives of Various Cities are longing to capitalize on their 15 minutes in the TV spotlight.

The Mainstream American Media operates on the belief that the American Public can't remember the day before yesterday. And, just when the Public begins to catch on to this premise, the Media rushes on to the next case or the next spotlight.

Having said all that about the Mainstream Media, I must admit that I have been really disgusted with some of the Media coverage just before and after the Knox Appeal verdict was issued.

In particular, the ABC TV Network
seems to have slid into absolute Sleazeville.

Continued in Part 2 which follows . . .