Saturday, January 7

Muzzled By Lawyer -

more on Casey Anthony . . .

A Kansas man has just generated a vortex of controversy about his alleged connection to the hacked video blog made public on YouTube.

Rob Hensley of Olathe refused to answer any questions from Fox 4 TV based in Kansas City at the direction of his lawyer, Curtis Sample.

Fox 4 KC reveals that the YouTube description of the video material asserts that it was posted by a F*cebook user named Rob Hensley of Olathe, Kansas.

It was previously claimed by a man named Jon Briley that he "found" the video material on a pay-per-view website and made it public in order to prevent Casey Anthony and her lawyers from using it for financial gain.

Do either of these men have connections to any of the vigilante groups which have targeted Casey Anthony?

Death threats are not protected speech!